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“My favorite thing about the show is that it points out how what men and women are seeking is really close to the same thing — they just go about pursuing it in different ways. Men — mature men, anyway — want to be needed and appreciated as much as women do.” Another plus for Minnesota, according to Howie: People want to live here, so it keeps the fresh blood coming.

Not so, says Howie, a California-based dating advice author who started the show three years ago as a “social experiment.” That has led to more than 100 similar events in 78 cities across North America, including two last year in Minneapolis.Apparently when we first started Grown-Up Club in 2013 we forgot to do a little thing called “making sure the name of your organization hasn’t already been trademarked by someone else”–whoops! Luckily the original owner of the trademark, Brad Bellwither of The Bellwither Group, Inc. What if I haven’t had a chance to spend my Grownie Buck$s yet?has graciously agreed not to sue us in exchange for the immediate dissolution of GUC. We’re sorry but all Grownies will be void after this event.Three guest judges scored all the projects, and the winning team was crowned "Presidents of Science" in a dazzling, many expense-spared awards ceremony. THE SINGLES EXCHANGEWith their friend’s blessing, Singles Exchange participants–or, “matchmakers”–create and deliver a cheesy Power Point presentation about one of their single-and-looking friend’s many virtues (and several flaws).After the presentations, matchmakers mingle with other matchmakers and try to find potential dates/mates for their buds.

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