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I completely understand why a growing number of people are bailing on church. And the post-modern mind distrusts most things organized or institutional.Even people who used to lead in the church often stop attending (here are 9 reasons why church leaders do that). But as trendy as the idea of writing off the church may be, it’s a mistake.1 Introduction 2 Prophets of the Exile 3 Prophets of the Restoration 4 Latter Prophets Collections Study Guide Creation-redemption, Cyrus, Day of Yhwh, Ezekiel, Glory of Yhwh, Gog and Magog, Haggai, Isaiah of the Exile (Second Isaiah), Isaiah of the Restoration (Third Isaiah), Joel, Malachi, New exodus, Obadiah, Second temple, Servant of Yhwh, Servant poems, Valley of dry bones, Zechariah, Zerubbabel Michelangelo’s Joel was a prophet of the Judean restoration who anticipated a time when the spirit of Yhwh would be poured out upon all people, not just kings and prophets as in the past.Source: Drawing by Daniel Hornschemeier Bandstra based on Michelangelo’s The periods of the Babylonian exile and the restoration of Judean community life in Palestine were crucial times in biblical history.

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Listening to a podcast of your favourite preacher while you’re at the gym or on the back deck and pushing three of your favourite worship songs through your ear buds does not make you a more passionate Christ follower. Disconnecting yourself from community is actually less faithful than connecting yourself to a flawed community. Almost all of us who follow Jesus have had our lives changed by a flawed body called the church that Jesus so passionately loves and calls his own.

If you think the church today isn’t enough (and arguably, we need to reform it), then do what the early Christians did. Be willing to lose your job, your home, your family and even your life because you follow Jesus. Finally, if you’re reading this article and you have any modicum of faith in Jesus, may I suggest your faith is actually the result of the mission of the church.

First, Jesus will come to save His elect Church from the time on earth when the man empowered by Satan will rule.

Then, some years later, Jesus will come to cut short the destruction of the Antichrist so that a remnant of Israel can be saved. I believe that present world trends all confirm what the Bible says about the last days, and I believe that the Holy Spirit confirms to me that these things are so.

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  1. I'm Hispanic and dated an Italian girl from college a few years ago. Her mom was sweet and I always felt like she had my back and made an effort to get to know me, but my girlfriend's dad definitely gave off the "you're not good enough for my daughter" vibe.