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Yvette worked in the accounting department at his office. Her face had the typical moon-like qualities of most Asian women, but her deep dark eyes and wide mouth set her apart.

She was dressed in a snow-white blouse with a filigree pattern sewn into it.

It reached past her well-rounded bum, but extended only about six inches below that.

Her bare legs were on full display from her thighs down to her feet.

He had been writing erotic short stories for ages now.

He posted them to Literotica for his own enjoyment.

By the time she reached the side of his chair her shirt was completely undone; her silk chemise beneath it hid the curve of her breasts, but only barely. He swallowed hard and closed his eyes as he kneaded the soft flesh, reveling in the fullness while softly pinching the nipple through the silk.

Stuart had often been beguiled by the sight of her walking away. She unfastened one button from her blouse with each step, making her way across the room to the desk where he sat.

He was rocked back with shock when she swatted his hands away and then admonished him with a pointed finger.

"Unh-uh," she murmured softly with a shake of her head as the camisole dropped back to cover her breasts.

She was all business as she determinedly opened his belt, snap and zipper.

Stuart yelped slightly when she roughly grasped his shaft and pulled it out into the open.

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Again Yvette grinned as she exerted her complete control over the situation. As he moved up to the waistband he realized she was soaking wet.

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