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She ate first, not permitting the male to eat until she finished.

The two Peregrine Falcons left their Kaohsiung City high-rise ledge in early February, 2007; where they went is unknown, although they were observed in the neighborhood from time to time.

During following weeks, the two falcons resumed their customary feeding activities on the ledge. In attendance were members of the National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria, the Taipei Representative Office in Greece, the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds, the Taiwan Trade Center, Sofia; Simon Liao, Grace Wu and Jo Ann Mac Kenzie of the International Taiwan Birding Association, and others.

In 2008, project partners made it possible to build a new wooden walkway to and around the Wildlife Interpretive Centre.

The Mountain Caribou is considered an ecotype of the Woodland Caribou family, and is an endangered species in British Columbia. Two Peregrine Falcons, Falco peregrinus, male and female, chose to spend the winter of 20062007 in an area of tall apartment buildings in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan.

They selected a small, sheltered ledge high on a 22-storey building as their daytime roost.

A new building under construction was rising near their favourite ledge; the disturbance may have caused the birds to abandon their feeding place. It is the first national non-governmental nature conservation organization in recent Bulgarian history.

The main goal of the BSPB is the conservation of species, sites and habitats important for birds, other wildlife and the well-being of people.

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