Harvest moon boy and girl dating guide

These are the same as "heart events" from past Harvest Moon games.

The flower events can be viewed when you are at the required color for the event or higher.

after a while, because while the time does state it's 10AM for example - the game itself still passes time on the background. It's not really necessary to use this code at all, since you can just modify one of your Rucksack slots to have Large Fish in there and then toss those in the pond.

The 'Freeze Time' code on the other hand, actually freezes the time for real, without letting time pass in the background.

To trigger a flower event, you will need to go on a date with the person at the right time for the event to occur.

Instead of the standard date scene, you'll see the flower event instead.

If the gift is something the person likes you'll earn 300 FP.

If the person is indifferent towards your gift then you'll only earn 50 FP.

Most of the marriage candidates have flower events that you must trigger before you can marry him or her; Alisa and Dirk do not have any flower events so the events are not required for their marriage.Each person had different gift preferences and you can only give 1 gift per day.The best gift you can give will earn you 800 Friendship Points. But for Winter season you can just let all of them take care of your animals.Setting the time to a specific moment does not actually 'freeze' the time, and you'll notice that you are unable to enter shops/buildings, etc.

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