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The economic recovery in Europe seems to be gathering greater momentum.

In December, Ireland became the first country to exit the Eurozone bailout programme, in January this year the UK announced yet another fall in its unemployment levels and, that same month, the Bundesbank said it expected the growth in the German economy, Europe’s largest, to accelerate yet further in the first quarter.

With the economic gains made in Brazil over the last few years and Mexico now being named as one of the next powerhouses of the world economy by the British economist Jim O’Neill, it was perhaps not surprising that Latin America was the region that became the first global region to see its Index figure overtake its 2007 pre-crisis peak with a 5% increase over last year. hotel industry had the highest number of rooms available (1.7 billion) and the highest number of rooms sold (1.1 billion) during 2013 and these better occupancy levels helped the North American HPI climb 3%, equaling the global average.

The Caribbean was also not far away from achieving this as its 5% rise meant reached par to its 2007 level. One out of every eight jobs in the USA depends on travel so continued hospitality strength is welcome news for the economy.

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The Index is compiled from all relevant transactions on during this period, weighted to reflect the size of each market. The final chapter focuses on some additional travel facts identified by

This means we have now seen four years of solid progress since hotel prices nose-dived during the financial collapse of 2008.

As a whole, rates are not back to where they were even in 2006, yet one of the world’s regions has set a new all-time high.

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