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Other Roman writers to have pored over the concept of include Valerius Maximus, Cicero, Tacitus, and Tertullian.All this is not to say that the Romans were prudes, or that they never lost sight of their high ideals.Married or marriageable women who belonged to another freeborn man, and young male citizens, were strictly off limits.The first century Stoic philosopher Musonius, a rare voice at the time, criticized the double standard that granted men much greater sexual freedom than women, arguing that, if men are to presume to exercise control over women, surely they ought to exercise even greater control over themselves.Slaves were regarded as property, and lacked the legal standing that protected a citizen’s body.

Similarly, during the Liberalia, devotees of the god Liber Pater carted a giant phallus through the countryside to fertilize the land and safeguard the crops—after which a virtuous matron placed a wreath on top of the phallus.Latin does not have a strict equivalent for the noun ‘homosexual’, which is relatively recent in coinage and concept; but a minority of men did, then as today, express a clear same-sex preference or orientation—most famously the emperor Hadrian, who founded a city in memory of his beloved Antinous, and even had him deified.Most extramarital and same-sex activity took place with slaves and prostitutes.To violate a Vestal Virgin’s vow of chastity was to commit an act of religious impurity ( or major deities (the Roman equivalent of the Greek Olympian gods): Jupiter-Juno, Neptune-Minerva, Mars-Venus, Apollo-Diana, Vulcan-Vesta, and Mercury-Ceres.Many religious festivals, such as the Liberalia, Floralia, and Lupercalia, to say nothing of the banned Bacchanalia, incorporated an important element of sexuality.

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By some twisted Roman logic, a man who was anally penetrated was seen to take on the role of a woman, but a woman who was anally penetrated was seen to take on the role of a boy.

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