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While, many people do feel that pseudo-science is bad and should never be looked at I disagree.

The vast majority of people believe in paranormal events.

I have been trying to minimize variables that would destroy the legitimacy of my research.

I have read of the CIA documents from 1974 (declassified in 1975), and discovered there is no method section.

Also, you look for research that discounts your own research in order to decide if their methods are flawed, this isn’t also helpful because not everyone who works on research and accepts the null hypotheses gets published. It described the process, and since then I’ve been looking at various procedures and looking for legitimate research.

This brings me to today, I think I have a decent method, but have only been about 66.7% (repeating decimal) successful at picking the right numbers.

He told me to sit down and thought I was suffering from first time jitters.

anyone who has ever written a reseach paper for a scientific journal or even read one would know this. The information, that got me started into remote viewing research was an article I read in Newsweek back in 1997 (respectively).

One of them handed me a first class ticket and had said, "honey, we are buying you an upgrade as we heard what happened on our last flight as we were in front of the plane when you were talking to the flight attendant, in first class." Then they proceeded to tell me they figured I was an "angel" because they heard the crew say if that prior flight went up--it never would have landed. (Where I was raised anyway)-- That was made very clear to me in law school, the alleged land of logic.

(or crash landed due to malfunctioning landing gear)Well I accepted the ticket because they insisted. Both were team members of the "Chicago Bears" Football Team. Every one is certainly entitled to their opinion Whereever they are from) and I respect that.

As long as they remember that their opinion is just that, THEIR opinon and nothing else.

Everyone has different religious and spiritual belief systems.

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