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When you meet an interesting fellow single parent in person, Gandhi says, offer up your number, rather than asking for hers or his.

It's more respectful of a parent's limited time and varying degrees of dating readiness."I coach guys to say, 'Here's my number if you'd like to call me,' and I coach women to understand and respect that," she says.

If you answered YES to Tip #1, you are a special person who likely has a great deal to bring to the relationship.

Navigating the next steps with compassion, good nature, and a sense of humor will help assure that the experience is joyful and fulfilling. Mary Jayne Rogers is an Exercise Physiologist specializing in whole-person wellness and fitness education and instruction.

The tips below will help you thread your way through some of the intricacies of dating a single parent. Ask yourself: Am I willing to be in a relationship with someone who has children? Am I willing to enter into a relationship with children?

This is important because you cannot separate the parent from the children. Often, the attention, time and resources that a parent devotes to his/her children can make one feel jealous or resentful. Single parents are likely to set basic boundaries with regards to their children. Sometimes when we meet the kids we want to make a good impression.

If you are dating a parent, their children will be part of the picture at some point. Are you self-assured and independent enough to accept that the children of your date will be the priority? These boundaries can range from time devoted to children, to dietary/nutrition concerns, to when late night guests are acceptable. If you are dating a single parent and your relationship has progressed to the point where you spend time together with the kids, notice how your date parents, the kids’ behaviors, and the family culture. Maybe we try too hard: excessively friendly, overly generous, or uncomfortably upbeat. It is natural that children may be somewhat leery of a new person in the mix.

As an educator, Mary Jayne brings multi-dimensional wellness and fitness experiences along with a welcoming and genuine teaching style to inspire students and wellness enthusiasts of all ages.

David, a single dad of two daughters, emailed me with a familiar lament."I think it's hard enough to attend to the needs of a partner or spouse," he wrote. Starting with the who-has-the-time challenge."One of the best ways for single parents to date is (to meet) online since time is so limited," Gandhi says.

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It will save everyone a lot of angst if you simply ask your date and openly discuss how you can help make this a positive experience for all concerned. This may sound like a covert operation, but if you find you are uncomfortable with or disapproving of these things, this may not be a situation that is compatible for you. Everyone will feel much more at ease when the new person in mommy or daddy’s life is kind, sincere, and genuinely caring. They may worry that dad or mom doesn’t love them as much as before or that they are lacking in some way. Once you have managed to thread your way through some of these obstacles that are inherent when dating a single parent, relax and enjoy the experience.

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