Teenage dating scenarios

Summer, somewhere in the outskirts of suburbia the night sky is lit with stars.

Mark Williams is spending a Saturday evening at the county fair with his girlfriend Lauren and some of his friends. He watches the white teenage couple enter the fun-house. Tareek stares at Mark's cute bubble-butt as the teen boy passes by him.

Grasping his dick with the other she elicits a girlish sigh from Mark.

She begins jerking Mark off in front of the mirror with the two thuggish men watching them from behind the one-way mirror.

"You did tell the guy outside you wanted a private party with me," she smiles at him in the mirror. She continues to feel up Mark's now three-inch stub.

Mark is both excited and embarrassed at being so exposed.

For about ten minutes Lauren jerks off Mark, but the blond twink's cock doesn't get any harder or bigger than three and half inches.

Although his dick slit continues to drip precum like a leaky faucet.

She rubs the precum around his cockhead, then squeezes his glans further opening Mark's piss slit.

The young teenager is the verge of premature ejaculation. Lauren and Mark stare at his reflection in the mirror.

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