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When you couple these characteristics with the fact that data, and the tools to use and analyze data, are readily available from numerous third party sources, the notion of an iron-clad data feedback loop falls apart. Some have compared data to oil, referring to it as the essential input of the 21st century.

Hence, the rapidly declining returns to scale.) [Although the above example has been simplified for clarity, a more thorough explanation of this concept’s applicability to “big data” can be found in Andres Lerner’s paper, paragraphs 61 – 76.] To veer back into the real world, what are the practical effects of this mathematical reality?In a stylized view of the Internet economy, as a platform (such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, Pinterest or Twitter) achieves scale and gains users, it acquires more data.This data leads to product improvement, which leads to more users and, subsequently, more data. According to proponents of the data as a barrier to entry theory, this leads to an unbreakable positive feedback loop that makes effective competition impossible.A quick read of the FTC’s recent report on data brokers makes clear how easily data is to obtain on the open market.Although the report calls for greater transparency and accountability, it also makes clear that these services facilitate dynamic online competition: [C]onsumers benefit from increased and innovative product offerings fueled by increased competition from small businesses that are able to connect with consumers they may not have otherwise been able to reach.

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