Updating album art in wmp

New: Go to chapter points for videos in web interface. Improved: Web interface layout and display when browsing Mezzmo library.

Improved: Faster & more efficient multi-threaded processing when collecting metadata and streaming media files. Improved: SHA256 certificates now used for Mezzmo installer and all executables to eliminate Microsoft Internet Explorer & Edge download / install errors.

Fixed: Login issues for web interface when using Safari web browser.

Fixed: Sort order of items incorrect when no sorting has been applied to a playlist or folder.

We are constantly testing and improving Mezzmo so it streams media files to the latest UPn P and DLNA devices in your home.

New device profiles are added to Mezzmo as soon as they pass testing. New: Fast hardware acceleration when transcoding videos.

Improved: Handling of long path names for media files and metadata files. New: ' Generate Timeline For Invalid DVD-rip' button on Properties dialog (Video tab) to help fix timeline in badly generated DVD rips. Improved: Reading title from PLS and M3U playlist files. New: Export your metadata from Mezzmo to XML files. Improved: TV series artwork retrieval for active playlists and folders. Improved: Support for HEVC format for LGTV UHD TVs.

Improved: Changing video resolution in web video player. Improved: Detection of cover.jpg/and front.jpg/for music artwork. Fixed: Crash when reading non-compliant UPn P / DLNA description from certain devices. New: Support for HTTPS web streaming using NGINX as a reverse proxy. Improved: Support for MP2 and h.264 formats for LG TV 2013 models.

Fixed: Active playlists with Content Rating as keyword not generated correctly.

Fixed: Processing ripped DVDs with the flat folder structure.

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